B.A.LL.B (Hons.) ai??i?? 5 years

B.A.LL.B (Hons.) ai??i?? 5 years

The B.A.LL.B (Hons.) 5 Year Course includes Political Science, Sociology, Economics, and English subjects as minor areas of study to supplement the wide range of law subjects that its graduates are required to study. There are six subjects in each semester except semesters nine and ten, which have only five subjects in each..

In this 5 Year B.A.LL.B (Hons.) Program, the student gets two degrees one for BA and another for LLB. The 5 year integrated LL.B degree now has many variants like B.Com LL.B, B.Sc LL.B and B.B.A. LL.B are also available. The B.A.LL.B (Hons.) 5 Year Course integrates Arts subjects with Law likewise the other courses integrate the subjects from the respective fields with law courses.

As far as syllabus is concerned since B.A.LL.B is integrated course the students study law papers right from the first semester onwards like Law of Torts, Consumer Protection Laws, Law of contract etc. These law related papers and English is compulsory but the students can choose papers from Political Science, History, Economics, and Sociology etc.

Moreover if you have taken admission in a 5 year B.A.LL.B (Hons.) Degree then you have a seat guarantee for 5 years that is you donai??i??t have again look for a seat for admission after graduation.


  • Candidate seeking admission to the B.A.LL.B degree must have passed an examination in 10+2 or 11+1 course of schooling from recognize by the educational authority with securing minimum 45% marks in aggregate.
  • The admission to the course shall be through an entrance examination. Details shall be decided by the Executive Council from time to time.
  • Age for admission in B.A.LL.B degree: The candidate must have completed the minimum age of 17 to 20 years at the time to admission.


  • Student shall be required to put in a minimum attendance of 75% of the lectures on each of the subject as also at tutorial.
  • Provided that in exceptional case for reasons to be recorded. Principal may condone attendance short of those candidates who had attended 69% of the lectures in the aggregate.


Documents to be Submitted at the time of Admission-

The candidates should bring all original certificates/documents with attested copies of the testimonials at the time of admission along with two latest passport size photographs. They will also be required to submit the following documents . candidates should retain the photo copy of the application form (duly filled in by the candidate)
1. Filled form which is attached with prospectus .
2. Attested photocopy of M.P Resident certificate issued by the competent authority. In the case of candidate ,who has passed secondary and Sr. Secondary exam from a school situated in M.P will however not require producing resident certificate. For this purpose , a certificate issued by the Principal/headmaster of the concerned school/ institution will be sufficient
3. attested photocopy of 10+2/Sr. Sec. School Certificate issued by the Board .
4. attested photocopy Secondary Certificate as a documentary proof of age and subject passing Hindi/Sanskrit and photocopy of qualifying certificates .
5. Only one attested Photocopy of the following certificate of good conduct issued by the Principal/ Head of School / College /Institute last attested or many gazette Officer Of the Government Of M.P.

General Instructions for Admission-

1. Admission will be strictly on merit basis as per norms as of D.A.V.V Indore / Govt. Of Madhya Pradesh.
2. certificate of SC/OBC/ST must be submitted along with admission form. Late submission of ST/SC/OBC certificate will not entertain.
3. Admission may also be denied to such candidate who in the past where found indulged in any activity leading to indiscipline or anti-social activities.
4. The principal will have the right to any of the rule as per the guidelines and instructions received from D.A.V.V., Indore from time to time.
5. If a student remains absent from the class for 7 days or more in a month continuously, his/her name will be struck off from the college rolls.
6. All admissions application should a company with all requisite document less certificate or eligibility, weight age, reservation and other concession failing with such application for admission will not be entertained.
7. Submission of original migration certificate:
All such student who have passed their lower qualifying examination from other board/university in India (Except board of school education , M.P. and D.A.V.V.) are required their original migration certificate to the college at the time of admission. In case a candidate fails to submit the migration certificate or within a weak of admission, his/her admission will stand cancelled.

English – I
Political Science – I
History – I
Economics – I
Law of Torts including M.V. Act & Consumer Protection laws
Law of Contract – I

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English – II
Political Science – II
History – II
Economics – II
Constitutional law – I
Law of Contract – I
Political Science – III
Legal Language / Legal Writing
Economics – III
Family law – I (Hindu law)
Human Rights law & Practice
Constitutional law – II
Political Science – IV
Language – I (optional)
History – III
Administrative law
Family law – II (Muslim law)
Offences against Child and Juvenile
Political Science – V
Language – II (optional)
Environmental law
Labour & Industrial Law
Law of Crimes – I
(Penal Code)

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Politic.al Science – VI
Language – III (optional)
Intellectual Property law
Gender Justice & Feminist Jurisprudence
Law of Crimes – II
(Criminal Procedure code)
Interpretation of status and Principles of Legislation

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Property Law
Company Law
Land Laws
Banking Law
Professional Ethics & Accountancy
Law of Evidence
Health Law
Penology & Victimology
Law on Corporate Finance
Alternate Dispute Resolution
Principle of Taxation Law
Local Self Government including Panchayat Administration
Media and Law
Insurance Law
Moot Court Exercise & Internship
Civil Procedure Code and
Limitation Code
Probation and Parole
Women and Criminal Law
Information Technology Law
Drafting, Pleading and

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Fees Rs. 16,500/- Per Semester.