Our Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values, Objectives

Our Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values, Objectives


  • To develop balanced of the students including excellent interpersonal-relationships and shape their all aspects of personality.
  • To develop scientific, cultural and rational attitude among students.
  • To develop participation of the institution in various environmental programmes at national and state level.
  • To promote society, cultural and educational interest in urban and rural society of the country.
  • To develop effective interaction among students for fostering co operation at all level of learning.
  • To promote positive and creative educational role of the students in the society.
  • To develop skill in students-teachers ague them to teach at primary and secondary level in school.
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  • To develop skill in students by providing them a rigorous and legal training in academic study.
  • To promote scientific, technological and ICT attitude among students.


  • To develop temple of excellent learning in professional education based on Indian cultural heritage and spirituality.


  • To keep global pace with the futuristic world society.
  • To cultivate spiritual human values.
  • Keeping pace with ICT and use of tools.
  • Developing creative and critical thinking among students.
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  • Dissemination of skill for lifelong learning.
  • To prepare the students by providing them a rigorous quality training in academic study with innovative, effective learning strategies and developing in them ability and passion in work wisely and creatively to become the professional in their carrier

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The institute makes continuous efforts in development of following values:

  • Commitment to study.
  • Developing favourable attitude to showing respect to all religions.
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  • Developing adjustment in all adverse situation of the society.
  • To live and let live with respect and patience.
  • Developing universal brother hood (VASUDEV KUTUMBH KUMB).


Objective of the college are made known to its various stake holders through meeting of various committees, the same is also done through various academics co curricular activities and functions. The faculty members are also made aware of the same time of their appointment in the college and in parent- teacher meeting.